leaves nothing behind but fresh air.

The VACUFLO® Difference.

Since 1955, VACUFLO® central vacuum systems have provided consumers with whole-house cleaning power and covenience. VACUFLO offers numerous benefits including patented Filtration Methods, unique Quick Clean Solutions, improved Indoor Air Quality and the industry’s most comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Discover why VACUFLO is the right central vacuum for your home and explore the benefits of central vacuums over portable vacuums. You may think your portable vacuum is doing a good job, but you’ll be surprised at how much more powerful a central vacuum is- 5x more powerful to be exact!

Let VACUFLO Make Your Life Easier…

Your home should be a fortress against things that can harm your family, not reinforce them. Find out how VACUFLO can make your home a healthier environment for your entire family.

VACUFLO True Cyclonic Power Units

Provide sustained cleaning power by separating the dirt from the airflow without the use of bags or filters! The powerful cleaning performance will not decrease as dirt accumulates.

Can Your Vacuum Do That?

VACUFLO offers a wide selection of accessories to make any cleaning job easier. Explore all the available tools to get the job done!

Filtered Cyclonic is a great choice for Hide-A-Hose systems. Features a pleated cartridge filter that is suggested to be changed at minimum once a year, provides ample power, quiet operation, and onboard inlet valves providing easy access to your unit when installed in a basement, garage or utility room without needing to install an additional valve. It is optional to exhaust this units outside making them a great choice for retrofit installations and in situations where the unit cannot be installed close to an exterior wall of the home.

VACUFLO® Disposable Bag (DB) power units take central vacuum cleaning to the next level by ensuring you never have to touch the dirt, even when the vacuum is full!

DB units feature durable, triple-layer filter bags that do not let any dust escape. Since the outside of the CleanShield® bag is never exposed to dirt, neither are you. Simply remove, seal and replace the bag ensuring the cleanest experience possible.

“We’ve had the system for a year now, and if we have any questions, Tony and Lori are still super helpful.”

S J. – Kensington, CA

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