Vacuflo 8762-G Electric Hose PT Genuine 35FT


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This Vacuflo 35ft Electric Genuine Pig Tail Hose is a quality pigtail hose for use with ONLY Genuine Vacuflo inlets.

The hose has a 6 ft pigtail that plugs into an electric outlet for power to the powerhead of your central vacuum system. The Vacuflo hose handle has a 3-position switch to control on/off to the central vacuum unit and also turn off the powerhead to use it with straight suction on smooth flooring. The comfort grip handle is similar to a gas pump handle with a 360-degree swivel for maximum ease of use. The hose has an air relief valve to reduce suction when you need it. For example, cleaning blinds can be difficult with too much suction, but it’s done easily with a dusting brush and the air relief valve fully open.

This hose is gray

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Weight 12 lbs


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