Deluxe Garage Kit


This very economical tool kit has been designed for use in the garage. It comes with the most basic of tools that you would use in the garage to clean the car, the shelves, etc. We do not recommend this kit be used on any carpeted flooring. Cleaning carpets with a revolving roller brush is vitally necessary to maintain the beauty of your carpet by removing the dirt and dust from carpet that wear down carpet fibers. What we do recommend for the carpeting and upholstery of your car is the Vacuflo Rugrat, a hand-held turbo powerhead that is perfect to clean carpet and upholstery with a revolving brush, powered by the air of your central vacuum system. It will work perfectly with this tool kit for your garage to give you everything you need to do every task in the garage! This hose fits most styles of central vacuum valves.

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Deluxe Vacuflo 30 foot Hose, with friction-fit swivel is included. This hose is an economical, lightweight, crushproof hose for your central vacuum system. It does not have an on/off switch on the hose, or an air-relief valve.


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