Tru-Seal Microfilter Bag – 3 Pack


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3-pack of the Tru-Seal Microfilter Bags. Save money and time by ordering the 3-pack of bags. If bought individually, three bags would cost almost $30.
MD’s Tru-Seal Microfiltration System is the new standard in all top-emptying central vacuum power units. The Tru-Seal Microfiltration System features three connection points which allows debris intake from the front utility valve and both side intakes. The new bag is easy to install and change, while its encapsulating design and locking caps make disposal very sanitary.

The highly durable, Tru-Seal disposable filtration bag is a 5-plymicrofilter that captures debris down to .3 microns. At 8-gallons, Tru-Seal has the largest trash capacity of any disposable residential central vacuum bag on the market.

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