Manta Mop Head for All Vac Cleaners


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Combine a broom, dry mop, and vacuum and get Manta Mop!

  • Designed for all central vacuum systems.
  • Smooth floors will never be cleaner or furniture ever safer.
  • Dustmop and vacuum in one pass!
  • Hundreds of soft tufts on a 16″ wide head.
  • Easy to navigate around furniture with “Manta-ray” shape.

When you’re done, simply vacuum the dust off around the Manta’s tufted edges, or un-Velcro it from the base and toss it in the wash. (Extra and replacement cloths sold separately.) Manta fits all standard 1-1/4″ diameter round wands. There simply is no quicker or easier way to vacuum your hard surface floors

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