Full Face Basic Central Vacuum Inlet


Full face door inlets, or outlet covers, are installed in many homes, for many vacuum brands. They have not changed much in decades. A trim cover is available during checkout and is useful for covering the marks on the wall where the inlet sat. Note that the ivory colored valve is no longer available, almond is not as a dark as ivory, it is more of an off-white. These inlets can be installed opening up or opening down. If you wish to have a different style door you can choose from any of the rectangular basic low voltage inlet cover plates.

Outer dimensions: 3-1/8″ by 4-7/8″.
Valves may have model HM-2000. Replaces HAYDEN IND 2000.

Contains low voltage connections only. The low voltage connections are two screws on the back and two slightly extruding metal contact points inside the hole. The low voltage wire (looks like speaker wire or telephone wire) connects to the screws on the back. (If you are replacing inlet covers that have two female holes 3/8″ apart on the face of the plate, these contain 110 volts and are available at Electric Valves. A low voltage valve will not replace an electric valve even if it has the shape.

If you need a case of these oval basic inlets enter 24 as the quantity.



Buy new vacuum covers for a fresh clean look and to stop any air leaks. We highly recommend the Full Face Inlet and it directly replaces the oval and square door basic inlets. It is more sturdy and opens all the way so there is not a stress point. It is not difficult to replace basic inlet valves.


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